Benefits Of Automated Parking

Space Saving: Efficient Space Utilization Allows Greater Development Size
Automated parking can use 40% less surface area compared to a conventional garage to fit the same number of parking spaces. More importantly, automated parking can save up to 60% of the cubic feet of a garage leaving more space for other more profitable uses.

1 FAR Treatment (counts as one building floor)
No Ramps
No Driveways
No Walkways
Tandem Parking

Vehicle Security: Your Vehicle is Secure in a Storage Vault
Your vehicle is as safe if placed inside a bank vault. Once a driver parks his vehicle in an entry cabin and turns off the engine, the driver is the last person to touch the vehicle. The vehicle is moved by the parking equipment until it is stored in its computer assigned parking space inside the garage Storage Vault. No person has access to the Storage Vault and no equipment ever touches the vehicle. You are the only person who has access to your vehicle so leave your belongings safety inside in vehicle!

No risk of Dents from other drivers opening doors into your vehicle
No risk of Damage from other drivers backing into your vehicle
No risk of Theft No risk of Vandalism
Personal Safety: Parking Turned into a Pleasant Experience
Personal safety is optimized because a driver never leaves the safe and comfortable confines of the well lit entry cabin. The entry cabins are conveniently located and well monitored so there is no walking aimlessly through a garage searching for your parked vehicle. No driver ever has to walk alone through a garage or a dark stairwell to retrieve his vehicle.

No risk of Robbery
No risk of Rape
No risk of Physical Harm
Environmental Friendly: “Green” Buildings and Sustainability
A.P.T. Parking Technologies is an active participant in the green building boom. Automated parking systems are environmentally responsible by eliminating harmful vehicle emissions and toxic substances.

No CO2 Emissions as vehicle engines are off during entire storage and retrieval process
No Fuel Usage driving up and down ramps searching for a parking space or exit
Lower Noise Pollution as no tires screeching up and down ramps and no horns honking
Reduced Building Footprint permits the balance of a site to be dedicated to other “green” features
A.P.T. Technologies is currently designing automated parking systems into real estate development projects providing additional LEED points toward LEED Silver and LEED Platinum certification. A.P.T. Parking Technologies is a member of the US Green Building Council and is actively educating real estate developers and architects regarding the sustainability benefits of automated parking.

US Green Building Council

Click Here to visit the US Green Building Council

Made in the USA: No Risk of Currency Exchange Rate Fluxuation or Delay in Shipping

Design Flexibility: Appropriate for New Construction or Renovation
Automated parking’s module concept is ideal for office buildings, residential buildings, mixed-use buildings, airports, hotels, and transit centers. Automated parking garages can be built aboveground, belowground or both and can include any façade to match a neighboring building or historic neighborhood. Lower construction costs and low operation costs because costly construction components are eliminated.

No Need for Passenger Elevators
No Need for Ventilation Systems
No Need for Stairwells No Need for Lighting (other than emergency lighting)