A.P.T. Parking Technologies consists of parking professionals who are experts in automated parking garages as well as their design and incorporation into new construction. As experts on automated parking, A.P.T. Parking Technologies was engaged by the National Parking Association to co-author its book entitled "Guide to the Design and Operation of Automated Parking Facilities." This book is the authoritative source for information regarding automated parking and is widely used by architects and engineers regarding “constructability” issues and by municipalities regarding regulatory approvals. A.P.T. Parking works with real estate developers, parking operators, architects, engineers, and parking consultants to evaluate the parking needs of a project and designs cost-effective automated parking garages to satisfy the parking needs. A.P.T. Parking Technologies is the exclusive representative of the Westfalia automated parking system which is manufactured in the US and used in existing automated parking garages built around the world.

A.P.T. Parking Technologies’ manufacturing partner is Westfalia Technologies, based in York, Pennsylvania. Westfalia is the premier manufacturer of automated parking garages, having built automated garages throughout the world. In addition to its automated parking experience, Westfalia is a prominent manufacturer and installer of all types of automated facilities and has more than 700 automated installations worldwide. Westfalia has built some of the largest automated facilities in the US for many Fortune 500 companies including:


Westfalia has more than 35 years experience in the logistical design, manufacture, installation and service of automated systems. Westfalia is a market leader in automated parking systems and maintains an impeccable reputation for the quality and workmanship of its products.

Westfalia is a rare company in the automated parking industry because it builds automated parking garages “turnkey.”

Westfalia writes its own parking software
Westfalia manufacturers its own parking equipment
Westfalia handles the installation of the complete automated garage…. ..… All from its manufacturing facility in York, PA.

• Software: Westfalia writes its own software instead of purchasing prepackaged standard warehousing software packages inappropriate for use in automated parking garages.

• Equipment: Westfalia manufacturers its own equipment which ensures quality control and proper system testing before the equipment is delivered and installed at the project site.

• Installation: Westfalia handles its own installation of the steel rack structure, the parking equipment and the software. Westfalia has a complete team of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers on staff that work hand in hand to ensure a project is built on-time and on-budget.

• Service: Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping an automated facility operating flawlessly and Westfalia has in place a National Maintenance Team that services its existing automated facilities installed throughout the US. Additionally, Westfalia’s Service Center located in York, Pennsylvania is capable of connecting into any of its automated parking garages through a VPN connection to monitor, update and fix software issues.
The name Westfalia signifies experience and foresight regarding complex logistical processes, notably in the fields of automated parking, automated material handling technologies and automated warehouse storage systems. Westfalia’s expertise in the design and installation of automated parking garages is the result of years of research and development and a proven track record of successful automated parking installations.