Existing Garages in Operation
A few of our existing automated parking garages are described below.

The Palais Coburg
The Palais Coburg, located in Vienna, Austria, is considered one of the finest hotels in the world. A 91-space automated parking garage was built under the hotel with parking available for hotel guests, visitors and local residents. See our automated parking garage on the hotel website
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The Ellipson Building
The Ellipson Building is a prestigious office building in Dortmund, Germany which has a 150-space automated parking garage built next to it for parking by office tenants and visitors.

Schlesinger Platz
Schlesinger Platz is a busy commercial section of Vienna, Austria with a 262-space automated parking garage built below the center square. This automated garage provides parking for monthly parking as well as public transient parking.

RONDO Home and Business Center
Located in Graz, Austria, this 198-space automated parking garage provides sufficient parking for residents and tenants of the new RONDO Home and Business Center as well as for visitors to the shopping mall.

The Schimmelgasse
The Schimmelgasse automated parking garage is located in a premier residential neighborhood of Vienna, Austria and contains 78-spaces on 3 levels of belowground parking and 7 levels of aboveground parking.


The 48-space Wimbergergasse automated parking garage in Vienna, Austria provides parking for use by residential tenants in a condominium building.

This 90-space automated garage built in Salzburg, Austria is located belowground, under a new office building. Parking is for the office tenants and short-term visitors.